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Tooth Fairy Kingdom
Welcome to Tooth Fairy Kingdom... the place where parent and child can find fun things to do while waiting for a visit from the Tooth Fairy. 

Our Tooth Fairy Coins are from the Tooth Fairy herself. Each coin was specifically designed to capture the magic and wonder 
of childhood.

Make each visit from the Tooth Fairy a lasting memory, with all of our corrdinating items.
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Tooth Fairy Kingdom

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               Ways to Avoid a Tooth Fairy Emergency 

Losing a tooth is an exciting event in your child life. We are here to help you make it special. The Tooth Fairy has to be ready for last minute deliveries sometimes. Nothing strikes fear in a parent like at 8:00 pm and your child says "My tooth just fell out!" And you haven't planned a thing. Here are some simple steps to insure special Tooth Fairy... memories.

Plan Ahead. Decide what your family Tooth Fairy Tradition is going to be. If you don't know yet, ask friends and family what they do for their children or repeat what your parents did for you. There are a lot of ideas and gifts to leave.

Be Prepared. A loose tooth can pop out quickly.  What ever the Tooth Fairy decides to leave, make sure she has 20 of them, that's how many teeth your child will lose over the course of about 6 years.

Make it Memorable. Make your family tradition one you children will remember. The Tooth Fairy can leave a keepsake, personal letter or just money.